Our Values

At Emagister, we believe in values that are people-centred. We apply these values within our company and in our dealings with customers and shareholders, and we express them in the six T's:

  • Talent

    Intelligence, creativity, common sense, a vision of the future, sensitivity towards the needs of the user or customer and the flexibility to adapt to constant change.

  • Tone

    Honest, sincere, positive, humble people, who act in harmony with the company's values.

  • Tact

    Knowing how to listen to people, helping them attain their personal and professional goals, sharing the company's achievements and making them an aspiration for everyone, proposing without imposing.

  • Tenacity

    Energy to overcome critical times with enthusiasm, self-sacrifice, perseverance.

  • Technology

    Keeping an open and willing mind, ready to incorporate continual technological developments because the growth of business and the changing pace of technology itself demand it.

  • Time

    People who are aware that success requires much effort and dedication.