The principal shareholders of Emagister are:

Grupo Intercom
Antonio Gonzalez Barros

Antonio González-Barros

President of Grupo Intercom

"Emagister occupies an important position among Grupo Intercom's home-grown projects, for three reasons:

  • In the first place, because it is useful for a sector that we value very highly - the training sector.
  • In second place, because its express goal is that of expansion to as many countries as possible, and it already knows how to do it.
  • In third place, because its vision is clear-cut and long-term. The Emagister team wants to go places and has the capacity, patience and tenacity necessary to do so."
Bonsai Venture Capital

Bonsai Venture Capital S.A. SCR is a Risk Capital Society founded by reputable entrepreneurs from the technology sector. It has become a point of reference for the sector with a current portfolio of 19 companies, chiefly from the internet field, the most prominent being:,,,,, and Optenet, among others.

Javier Cebrian Sagarriga

Javier Cebrian Sagarriga

President of Bonsai Venture Capital

"Four reasons why BVC invested in Emagister:

  • The quality of the management team is an indispensable requirement in all of our investments and, in the case of eMagister, it was a determining factor.
  • We believe that the internet makes a valuable contribution to the training market and, therefore, we think that this area has tremendous scope worldwide. Emagister's position in this field is unique.
  • Over time, BVC has chosen to invest preferably in companies in phases of consolidation and internationalisation.
  • Grupo Intercom: The background from which eMagister was born lends qualities of trust and rapid growth to the company."